Vimeo announces the closure of its TV streaming apps


Video hosting service Vimeo announced that its TV apps will be discontinued later this month on June 27th. A platform said it will shut down its apps on Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and all other systems.

According to Vimeo, these apps will be removed from the respective app stores and the platform will no longer send any security updates or provide technical support for its TV-oriented apps.

The latest change does not apply to “branded apps available to corporate Vimeo OTT sellers”. The platform is displaying some notifications on the screen of users’ TVs, informing them about the shutdown next of the service.


Vimeo’s streaming apps for TV launched in 2016, at a time when the company was positioning itself as a rival to the YouTube. But over the years, Vimeo has morphed into a business-focused streaming platform.

However, the shutdown of the Vimeo TV apps is not the end of the road. Users can even launch their Vimeo content on the big screen with the help of their apps for Android and iOS systems.

To stream videos on compatible TVs, users can now look for the Chromecast or AirPlay icon in the Vimeo apps for Android and iOS. Vimeo no longer supports streaming on the Chrome browser, but Safari can be used for this on iOS.

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