Vimeo adds AI tools for video creation

herramientas con ia de vimeo.jpg
herramientas con ia de vimeo.jpg

Vimeo wants to make it much easier for you to edit a video to share with your audience. And for this, it is adding a series of tools with AI that will help you in the task.

The idea is that you save yourself a boring part of editing a video, since these tools will automate part of the process.

Teleprompter and scripts created with AI

One of the new tools that Vimeo integrates will allow you to create a script using generative AI. As with ChatGPT, you just have to write a short description, the length of the video and the tone you want the text to have, and you’re done.

Now that you have the script, Vimeo’s second AI tool will help you so that you can use it naturally while shooting for the video. And for this, it integrates a teleprompter. So you can always have the text of the script in view while you are recording in front of the camera.

Vimeo allows you to customize some details, such as the size of the font, and the rate of scrolling of the text, to make it easier for you to follow it, without losing the naturalness.

Editing videos with artificial intelligence

And the third AI tool will help you improve your video presentation as it is a text-based video editor that removes everything superfluous. For example, long pauses, filler words, the famous fillers, etc.

And of course, the user will also be able to remove text from the transcript manually, and thus remove it from the video. An action you can take by simply highlighting it and selecting “Remove from Video”.

All of these AI-powered features will be available starting in July. While these tools are intended for any user, they will only be available as a free trial within Vimeo’s subscription plans.

Those who want early access to these tools can already sign up on the page created by Vimeo.

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