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Video: The robot that cooks, cleans and tidies the table at home

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Many tend to have little affection for housework, but a robot could be the solution thanks to the development of a company that created a device that has the ability to do all these tasks just by giving it orders.

Sanctuary AI is the company behind this project, which aims to be an assistant in those daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning the dishes, tidying up the table and a work desk. Although for now everything is in the development phase.

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This is the robot that washes the dishes

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The robotics industry has designed devices for various aspects, such as those focused on working as waiters, delivery men, security agents or supermarket employees. But this advance focuses on the home consumption.

Specifically, its creators see it as a “general-purpose robot”, which will have the ability to integrate artificial intelligence with advanced hardware.

The first revealed details of its operation are focused on seeing it perform daily tasks, such as cleaning the dishes, cooking and others. However, all this is not done automatically; that is, it needs human instructions to carry out each activity.

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With artificial intelligence, developers want a device to learn everyday tasks.
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Behind his movements, taking objects and cleaning them, there is a person controlling him, although that does not imply that it is an important advance, because despite the slowness of his movements, he has shown important progress in the ability to take objects remotely through sensors.

All these details are clear to the company, which ensures to improve the device will implement a “cognitive platform”which will enhance the hardware and software with artificial intelligence.

“It will mimic subsystems found in the human brain, such as memory, vision, hearing, and touch. When this software is applied to a general purpose system, there will be opportunities to take on almost any human task. Resolving deep security issues and labor shortages is just the tip of the iceberg,” reported the company in charge of the project.

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This implies that the robot is not only designed to clean the house, but also has a list of important activities to cover other tasks. All depending on the progress of your learning.

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With artificial intelligence, developers want a device to learn everyday tasks.

With artificial intelligence, developers want a device to learn everyday tasks.

A medical robot in the war

A robot in war is almost always seen as a weapon of a superior power to win the confrontation, but there is a project that seeks to be totally different with the development of a technology that is capable of helping soldiers wounded in combat, without putting put the lives of others at risk.

This plan is developed by researchers at the University of Sheffield and your name is MediTelwho uses a process called ‘telepresence’ with which he could control a robot that enters the battlefield and helps the wounded in different ways.

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This would be achieved through a device, remotely controlled by virtual reality, that reaches the place where the wounded are and takes photos and videos of the patients so that when a soldier is transferred it is much easier to attend to him, having collected information previous.

This would greatly help doctors, who put their lives at risk by entering the conflict zone, but also expose themselves to contagious diseases, contamination or losing vital resources along the way.

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