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Video takes center stage: Google Photos and Reminders update

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google has revamped its photos service. Memories can be embellished like in a scrapbook and shared as a whole. There is a focus on videos.

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The “reminders” feature in Google Photos has received an update. Videos are in the foreground. A trend that can be seen everywhere – also in social networks. Google will then also make it particularly easy for users to make short videos from their clips: “With the update that is being made available today, you will see more videos – including the best excerpts, which automatically selects photos and provides a short version, so that you can relive the moment that matters.”

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Google has long been so concerned with video that even photos get a moving image look thanks to a shallow zoom – the Cinematic Photos mode. In the coming month, music will also be added to the memories, Google writes in a blog post. It is impressive how the combination of video, movement and music takes you back to the memories. As with the dynamic images and in the reminders function, photos can be selected that should not be displayed automatically.

Because scrolling through photos manually is so tolerable, Google does that for you too – including editing. Animations, the cinematic filter and collages are available. The function called styles follows the current trend of lettering and so-called scrapbooks. Graphic designers will automatically insert elements there. There will be multiple themes to choose from initially, including limited-time templates from individual artists. Shantell Martin and Lisa Congdon will start.

A long-requested feature is the sharing of memories, writes Google. This is now possible. Albums or individual photos could already be sent beforehand. Initially, however, the dissemination of reminders is only possible via Android devices, iOS and the web are to follow. The shared memories can then be viewed on all devices in the Google Photos app.

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Collages can be created, edited and shared in a new editor. There are also design templates here. A scale for skin tones that better represents people of color is also said to have found its way into Google’s products. Filters and extra functions for Google One and Pixel users are available directly in the editor.

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