Video podcasts arrive on Spotify


Spotify goes one step further in its strategy to include podcasts as one of the branches of its content tree by adding the possibility to see the podcasters that they also record their interventions on video.

Podcasters who record their content on video can now be seen as well as listened to through Spotify

With this new type of content, it consolidates the integration into its music streaming platform of Anchor, a podcasting platform acquired two years ago and which has constituted its basis for integrating podcasting together with the extensive musical offer, to which we should also add audiobooks, soon to be added to the Spotify offer.

The videopodcasts were released on Spotify in 2021 but only as a very small test, since they were initially available only for the United States. Later they would reach some European countries, but now Spotify offers them in 180 countries, with which from this very week they are considered as competition to the consumption of this same type of content on platforms such as YouTube.

Spotify video podcasts are available on any device from which the platform is accessed: web browser, mobile device app or computer.

For the creators, no obligation has been imposed to upload all the episodes in video, so that each podcaster can choose if they do it every week, monthly, on special occasions… they can continue uploading the podcast in audio only version and when they consider it appropriate upload it in videopodcast version.

Even the video content does not have to correspond to the entire episode but only for a specific moment. This allows the podcaster to announce in audio that there is a time coming next when video content is available so that the listener activates the display and stays tuned to what is on the screen.

Finally video podcasts on Spotify support background playback, so that even if a conversation is being held through a phone call, the content will continue to be played on the mobile screen, which allows, for example, to be able to comment on the content of the video podcasts with the interlocutor while it is being watched. This option also exists on YouTube, although only in the paid subscription.

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