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Video of the future foldable iPhone, what would it be like?

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It may not be real, but this Apple fan creation gives us a glimpse of what it could be. the first foldable iPhone. Everyone is talking about the iPhone 14, but the truth is that the characteristic design of this model discovered in the MovilZona TikTok that has been created by a user, in addition to allowing us to contemplate a great engineering job, it allows us to see how the first folding of the apple brand could become in the future.

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We already know that Apple has not yet made the leap to folding, and it does not seem that it will do so in a few years, since it is not part of its plans for now, but the truth is that this fan has already made the I work for them. And, to achieve it, has turned his iPhone into a foldable smartphone that has fallen in love with many users of the network.

This is the foldable iPhone designed by a fan

This user from China has achieved on his own, yes, very much in the style of the well-known Samsung Galaxy Flip and it also reminds us of the Motorola RAZR 2022. For this, it has been working for a whole year. And, for this project of his own, he had to divide the internal components of his own iPhone to place them correctly on both the top and bottom.

just as they teach us our friends from MovilZona In his TikTok video, the work that this Apple fan has designed allows us to clearly see how this important challenge that began a year ago has developed. For example, on top of the smartphone, we find components such as the battery or the sensors of the rear and front cameras. Y, in the bottom halfthere are the main motherboard of the foldable phone, as well as the processor and memory.


The foldable iPhone “exists”. Or almost, it is a phone created by a user based on the Motorola Razr and that has cost him a year of work. So is this particular iPhone V. Do you like it? #iphone #iphonefold #foldable #apple #tech #tiktoktech #tech #november

♬ original sound – MovilZona

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Another curious important detail is that the user himself has created a fake promo ad in which he shows us the main features of this model, such as carrying A16 Bionic chipset, 5G connectivity, Super Retina XDR displaywith Pro Motion technology or a 12-megapixel selfie camera.

What name is it?

As they tell us from the MovilZona channel on TikTokin order to carry out this development, this user has had to work tirelessly for a whole year. After all, there are several components that he has had to test to see which ones gave the best results in this characteristic project.

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In any case, we already know the final result of the folding iPhone, which its own creator wanted to make known under the name of iPhone V, that not 5, but folding. What is clear is that it is a rather striking proposal, allowing us to see how Apple’s first foldable could really become, if it finally dares to enter this particular market of smartphones in a few years. And, above all, if you were curious to see something similar, without it being a sketch, you can finally see it.

foldable iphone

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