Very interesting details about the Pixel Tablet Pro are revealed

Very interesting details about the Pixel Tablet Pro are revealed
very interesting details about the pixel tablet pro are revealed

Very interesting details about the Pixel Tablet Pro are revealed

A great year is coming up Google. The technology giant is preparing the launch of up to two new tablets for this year with the aim of competing directly against the popular iPad of Manzana. It seems that the ‘big G’ has put a lot of ambition into this project and has invested significantly in the development of these devices. With innovative features and a competitive price, Google hopes to attract a large number of consumers and position itself as a strong competitor in the tablet market.

The ‘specs’ of the future Pixel Tablet Pro

According to the information published by the insider Kuba Wojciechowski, who already discovered in September that there was a Pro model for Google’s future Pixel Tablet, it seems that things are going very seriously with this premium tablet. In fact, Wojciechowski has revealed some very interesting details about this device.

The display on the device is a 2560×1600 CSoT “ppa957db2d” with a RT4539 LED driver.RT4539 is a 6-channel LED driver, typically used for driving the backlight layer on LCDs, which means that the Pixel Tablet most likely doesn’t have an OLED screen, unlike other Pixel devices.

—Kuba Wojciechowski⚡ (@Za_Raczke) January 26, 2023

These are some of the specifications of Pixel Tablet Pro which have been leaked:

  • Tensor G2 Processor
  • 2560×1600 resolution
  • RT4539 LED Driver
  • backlight
  • LCD screen

The images that have been leaked are actually prototypes of the Pixel Tablet Pro. So we don’t know if Google will eventually release this device alongside its standard tablet. However, everything indicates that the company wants to hit the market with two devices in the same year, which would be really important for them.

A very interesting business strategy

Google is investing a lot of effort in its new Pixel Tablet because it believes that the tablet market is a niche with great potential. Despite the fact that the tablet market is led by Apple with its iPad, Google sees an opportunity to prevail in an increasingly competitive market. The company has been working on improving the software and hardware of its devices, and intends to position its tablets as a high-quality and reasonably priced alternative to the competition. With this, Google seeks to attract a broad audience and increase its participation in this part of the industry.


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