VARTA presents its new chargers and power banks

VARTA presents its new products to facilitate the day-to-day life of active and modern users: the Wireless Power Bank solutions and the High Speed ​​Charger. Also, to be more sustainable in everyday life, they present the different models of the new Easy Chargers; or, to guarantee an aesthetic environment, but at the same time functional, the Wireless Chargers.

Easy Chargers to be more sustainable on a daily basis

Living more sustainably is a priority for many people and VARTA’s new Easy Chargers can be the perfect ally. The style of the series focuses on simplicity, but without sacrificing the typical design elements of the brand. They allow the batteries to be fully charged in just 4.5 hours, completely reliably, as well as being equipped with a useful green LED that lights up to indicate that the charging process is complete. In addition, the chargers are equipped with VARTA’s Advanced Safe, a safety technology that includes practical features such as the Minus Delta U cut-off, which automatically switches off the charger when the battery is fully charged. Built-in short-circuit protection ensures that these chargers automatically check whether a defective battery or an alkaline battery has been inserted. In the event that it is detected, its load will not be carried out.

VARTA’s Easy Charger range is available in different versions, depending on energy needs:

  • The MiniCharger Allows you to recharge two AA or AAA batteries. It is a great ally for vacations or getaways, since, thanks to its small size, it fits in the smallest luggage.
  • The plug-charger it can charge two or four AA or AAA rechargeable batteries, thus ensuring that game console controllers are perfectly prepared for the next round. Both solutions plug directly into a power outlet.
  • The universalcharger It is suitable for all battery sizes. It can charge two or four AA, AAA, C or D batteries, or even a 9V brick. A USB Type-C cable is included in the scope of delivery, with which the universal charger can be easily connected to a power source, such as a wall socket, a laptop or a power bank.
  • The multi-charger it can hold two, four, six, or even eight AA or AAA batteries. You can also connect to the mains via the included USB Type-C cable.
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High Speed ​​Charger for high energy, always and everywhere

A single outlet is all you need. High Speed ​​Charger to charge up to three devices safely, quickly and simultaneously. The charger makes it possible to dispense with heavy cables and plugs. It is a compact, high-performance, all-in-one solution that can be very useful on smartphones and laptops thanks to its fast charging speed. Furthermore, it is optimally equipped to deal with all the eventualities of modern working life, thanks to state-of-the-art GaN technology.

The charger stands out thanks to its simple and modern design, finished in white gallium nitride, an innovative semiconductor material. Despite its compact size, which translates to 108.2mm wide and 36.2mm tall, the high-speed charger packs a lot of punch. Each USB Type C PD port outputs 65 watts, used separately; instead, if both USB Type-C ports are used at the same time, the 65 watts are divided into a ratio of 45 watts and 20 watts, which is ideal for laptops or other devices with a high load demand. The USB A QC port, on the other hand, is perfect for smartphones and tablets. In short, a clear example of flexibility.

Power or aesthetics? With the new Wireless Chargers there is no reason to choose

Any user who uses multiple devices simultaneously needs to be able to charge them faster and more frequently, whether it is a smartphone, a smartwatch, a tablet or a laptop. The demands on the type of power supply depend on the situation. At home, a charger that integrates with the decoration of the space is preferred; while, on the road, manageability and speed of loading are prioritized. For this reason, VARTA offers two modern solutions that meet both needs.

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Thanks to their high-quality aluminum housing and discreet LEDs, the new Wireless ChargerPro Y Wireless Charger Multi from VARTA fit harmoniously into any room, whether in the bedroom, living room or office. Both models are powered by the included USB C cable. The Wireless Charger Pro, meanwhile, charges a device; while the Wireless Charger Multi supplies fresh power to two devices, such as smartphones and wireless headphones. Gadgets that are charging can continue to be used normally during the charging process, so browsing, listening to music or watching videos on a smartphone is never interrupted. This is evidence that shows that beauty and power can go hand in hand, since, despite the discretion of their design, both chargers supply all the energy with their 15 watts in the case of the Wireless Charger Pro, and up to 20 watts on the charging side of the Wireless Charger Multi.

Wireless Power Banks: Portable Power to Boost Independence

With the consolidation of telecommuting, power banks have become standard equipment for modern daily life. VARTA offers the new portable charging solution, the Wireless Power Banks, adaptable to each situation, which also take into account the growing energy needs of mobile phones. These innovative products offer advanced security features and the latest technology, such as Power Delivery or Quick Charge, to enjoy the best energy and keep portable devices safe. These take flexibility to a new level, as they can simultaneously charge up to four devices, one of them wirelessly (if standard-compliant), via integrated Qi charging. Three other devices can be connected via a cable, two of them via USB A and a third via the USB Type C port. Smart fast charging technology enables fast and optimal charging.

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Designed in an attractive white color, each Power Bank is characterized by being compact, with dimensions suitable for all types of pockets or backpacks. In addition, they are equipped with the safety technology that protects users against surges, deep discharges and short circuits. It has up to 5.5 charge cycles for smartphones. It also has Quick Charge that offers unbeatable speed in a robust aluminum case. Specifically, a wide variety of power banks are available, such as the Wireless Powerbank 20,000same as him Wireless Power Bank 15,000as well as the new Wireless Power Bank 10,000. All of them guarantee maximum comfort and offer perfect freedom and flexibility for the daily life of consumers.


The four models of Easy Chargers range are now available and its price ranges between €9.99 and €24.99, depending on the product. The High Speed ​​Charger retails for €39.99, while the Wireless Charger Pro retails for €24.99 and the Wireless Charger Multi costs €32.99. All three products have a three-year warranty. The Wireless Power Banks are already in stores for €32.99, €39.99 and €44.99, respectively.