Valentine’s Day mode on WhatsApp. This is how you can fill the app with hearts to celebrate the day of love

valentines day mode on whatsapp this is how you can.webp.webp.webp
valentines day mode on whatsapp this is how you can.webp.webp.webp

Hearts everywhere, a WhatsApp icon tuned for the occasion, wallpapers that show passion and affection and everything to ensure that your messaging application is not only yours, also yours. Without strange modifications that put your privacy and your WhatsApp account at risk: you can do everything with the official application.

The most loving WhatsApp for the occasion

As the colors vary, and given that each person shows their emotions as they please, Don’t let anyone tell you what your phone should look like. If you want to put on a Valentine’s Day theme, do it without the slightest doubt, just like migrating your WhatsApp to the bright side of love. In a few steps you will have a unique application.

Since the official application does not allow extreme customization, we will apply the changes to what you can vary. Which is a lot, starting with the shortcut icon.

How to put a heart on the WhatsApp icon

Whatsapp icon

At this point, several things can happen: you have a mobile phone compatible with custom icon packs (Samsung, Xiaomi, POCO…) or your phone does not allow the direct installation of said packs. In both cases we will use a personalized WhatsApp icon with a heart you can do it as follows:

  • Open the page You will see that the WhatsApp icon already appears loaded.
  • Choose “Subicon” from the right menu and look for the Heart Emoji.
  • You will see that the heart is placed above the WhatsApp logo. Adjust the size and placement of the heart so that it overlaps the phone.
  • Click on the “Download” button when you have the icon ready for it to be downloaded to your phone. Select PNG with a size of 240×240 pixels, for example.
  • You can change the background color of the icon, add stroke and many more variations. You can even download a complete heart if you don’t want to have a trace of WhatsApp: press in this link tune the heart however you want and download it to the phone.
  • Desktop mode may work better in your browser than the mobile page. You can also make the icon on your computer and then in

    How to change putting a heart on the WhatsApp icon on Samsung, POCO, Redmi, OPPO, Realme or OnePlus phones

    • Download X Icon Changer on your smartphone.
    • X Icon Changer and select the WhatsApp application.
    • In the “Change icon” section, select the “Photo” option. You’ll have to watch a video to access the setting unless you subscribe, which isn’t worth it once.
    • When you access the gallery, choose the icon you downloaded and click on the “Ok” button at the top.
    • You probably have to accept permission to create shortcuts. Once done you will have the new WhatsApp icon with the heart.
    • X Icon Changer does not change the app drawer icon, just the one on the desktop.

    How to change putting a heart on the WhatsApp icon using Nova Launcher

    Whatsapp icon

    With a launcher like Nova you can easily change all the icons on your Android, It doesn’t matter whether they are the desktop shortcuts or the apps that appear in the drawer. Nova Launcher is super complete, although you will have to get used to how it works: if you only want to change the WhatsApp icon it probably isn’t worth it.

    Once you decide to change the launcher, the process to change the original WhatsApp icon for the one you made with the heart is as follows:

    • Download Nova Launcher from Google Play Store and configure it to your liking.
    • Go to your desktop and hold down the WhatsApp icon until the menu appears with an “Edit” above. Click on that menu and then on the green app icon.
    • Go to “Applications” and load the icon you created.
    • Adapt the size so that it appears correctly in Nova Launcher. Uncheck “Redesign”
    • Click on “Done” and you will have the WhatsApp icon with a heart.

    How to change the wallpaper of your WhatsApp chats

    Whatsapp background

    Once you have the new icon, it’s time to change the conversation wallpaper. You can choose from an endless number of wallpapers, but we have created 27 just for this occasion: they are related to Valentine’s Day, they have a wide variety of styles and they all offer high resolution. Perfect for changing the background of your WhatsApp or your phone, you decide.

    Once you have downloaded the wallpapers that you like the most, carry out the following process on your WhatsApp:

    • Open the application and go to the three menu points, top right.
    • Click on “Settings”.
    • Go to “Chats”.
    • Go to “Wallpaper”, click on “Change” and choose your phone’s wallpaper.

    Do you want to have a wallpaper for that person who makes your heart beat faster? No problem, the steps are:

    • Open WhatsApp and enter the chat you want.
    • Click on the three menu points at the top right.
    • Select “Wallpaper.”
    • Click on “My photos” and load the wallpaper you have chosen.

    With all these steps you will have a Very loving WhatsApp for Valentine’s Day. Or for any other date: you can customize your application with other icons and/or wallpapers. Why settle for looking the same as always? Make your WhatsApp only yours.

    Cover image | Ivan Linares

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