Valentine’s Day: 62% share the cell phone password with their partners in Brazil

Valentine's Day: 62% share the cell phone password with their partners in Brazil
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According to research by Kaspersky, 62% of Europeians share their cell phone unlock passwords with their partners. What at first could be a proof of transparency between couples, can become a problem for couples unfamiliar with each other, or can end up being harmful to the relationship.

In the case of online flirting, the survey shows that one in ten users of dating platforms have been victims of a scam called “doxing”, the collection and public display of personal data without consent. There is also a high risk of kidnapping.

Password sharing also, outside of a healthy relationship, breaks the right to privacy, when a partner demands access to all the other’s content in order to trust him. The search points out that 25%, or a quarter of Europeians were or are victims of abusive persecution through technological equipment, and women are the most affected victims in Europe. In more serious cases, the situation is just one of the signs of domestic violence.

The survey also shows that 52% of participants also undergo monitoring of digital activities. Some indications that the cell phone is being monitored are the battery draining quickly, sudden restarts, apps accessing GPS tracking and the like, as well as browser history with strange results.

And you, what do you think about sharing your password with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

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