Usually $340, this Bissell smart air purifier is $80 today

bissell air320 smart air purifier lifestyle.jpeg
bissell air320 smart air purifier lifestyle.jpeg

Allergies? Dirt? Pollen? Dust? If you’re thinking ‘yes’ to at least one those when it comes to the interior of your home, and don’t have one of the best air purifiers already, look at this deal. The Bissell air320 is a smart air purifier that suitable for both large rooms and bedrooms. It also happens to look more like a speaker than an air purifier, so you won’t feel the need to explain its existence away when guests come over. But the absolute best part is that you can get one for just $80 today over at Woot. Just follow the link below to purchase yours (you can get up to 3) for $260 off of the standard $340 price. The deal will end after midnight (if you’re on the US’s West Coast) or when supplies are out. But do act now, as an unusual 25% of people — at the time of this writing — are buying these three at a time.

Why you should buy the Bissell air320 smart air purifier

The Bissell air320 has two primary “ingredients” to its success, the fact that is a 3-stage air purifier and that it can go just about anywhere in your home. If you aren’t familiar with air purifiers, that the Bissell air320 is a 3-stage means that it has three filtration systems. The first is a pre-filter, the part that looks like the outside of a stereo speaker, and it filters out large stuff like pet hair and lint. Next you get a HEPA filter, which is the kind that keeps dust and pollen from your nostrils, and finally a very fine carbon filter for pollution, like VOCs and smoke odors. Worried that all of these filters are going to get super dirty in your home? Well, that’s technically a good thing — it means they’re working — but we also have a handy air purifier cleaning guide for you when the time comes.

Get this cleaning power anywhere in your home, including the bedroom, due to the Bissell air320’s wide range of power modes, including a quiet nighttime bedroom mode with a small fan speed and a more powerful mode for large living rooms. As the Bissell air320 is a smart air purifier, it will detect levels of dust in your rooms and adjust levels automatically so you get the best clean. If you’re a touch skeptical that a purifier won’t help your 1,770 square-foot room, as Bissell claims the Bissell air320 can, we’ve done an investigation into how well air purifiers work to sate your interests.

If you’re ready to jump in and get your Bissell air320, follow the link below before midnight strikes the West Coast of the USA. You have until they’re sold out to get up to three of them for $260 off. They’re usually $340, so that puts them at $80 for the day. Once you’ve made your purchase, don’t forget to read how to get the most out of your air purifier to make yourself an expert before they arrive.

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