Home Tech News Usually $1,200, this LG soundbar with Dolby Atmos is $700

Usually $1,200, this LG soundbar with Dolby Atmos is $700

lg s90qy soundbar lifestyle render.png
lg s90qy soundbar lifestyle render.png

If soundbar deals can bring the price of a luxury brand down into the affordable range, why settle for anything less? Right now LG is selling the LG S90QY soundbar for only $700, down a significant $500 from its usual $1,200. This is straight from LG’s website. Check it out by hitting the big red button, or read more about it below.

Why you should buy the LG S90QY Soundbar

While the LG S90QY soundbar may not be on our list of the best soundbars, it’s still more than worth your money thanks to offering all the features you could need including Dolby Atmos support.

It’s the first soundbar with an up-firing center channel to ensure crystal-clear dialogue with a powerful subwoofer that packs a punch with bass and more. Combined, you get to hear every piece of dialogue without a problem while still enjoying a great home cinema experience that is booming in all the right ways.

Meridian Horizon technology up mixes two-channel stereo to any loudspeaker configuration with its adaptive up mixing treating high and low frequencies separately so you get an optimal listening experience. There’s High Res Audio support so you get a bitrate nearly times higher than CD with an audio resolution that’s close to being in the studio when it was recorded. Through AI Room Calibration Pro, the soundbar is capable of using spatial awareness technology to measure your room so it provides a balanced experience that suits your environment.

Besides sounding amazing, the LG S90QY 5.1 soundbar is smart too. It has voice assistant support like Google Assistant and Alexa, plus you can control Chromecast and AirPlay 2 through it too. There’s also HDMI Passthrough support with Dolby Vision, 4K and HDR10 all supported through the method.

High-end in nearly every way, the LG S90QY 5.1 soundbar is usually priced at $1,200. Right now, it’s reduced to $700 when you buy direct from LG, making it a super tempting proposition for anyone who wants the best from their home cinema experience without breaking the bank. There’s no guarantee how long it’ll be this price so if it sounds like what you’ve been waiting for, buy it now before you miss out.

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