Using WhatsApp on a second phone is even better: now you can post statuses

using whatsapp on a second phone is even better now.webp.webp.webp
using whatsapp on a second phone is even better now.webp.webp.webp

One of the bombshell new features of WhatsApp this year was the “companion mode” or the option to use the same WhatsApp account on two different phones. Like WhatsApp Web, but with the official application. It works great, but when you use WhatsApp on a second mobile, has certain limitations.

One of these disadvantages is that, although you can see the statuses created by other people, you couldn’t create your own states on the additional mobile phones, being something for which you still needed to use the main mobile phone. Finally, as announced from WaBetaInfothis limitation is disappearing.

One less limitation for WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows us to use our account on several phones at the same time without tricks and with the official application. By doing so, our WhatsApp on the second mobile looks almost identical to the main mobile, but there are certain differences and some features that are not available.

For example, from the second mobile you cannot create your avatar, in


Since the launch of WhatsApp companion mode, when using our account on a second mobile we couldn’t create states, something that the application is finally adding and activating in the latest beta versions. According to WaBetaInfo, version of the application already allows some users to publish statuses from a secondary mobile.

The best of all is that it works exactly the same as when we use WhatsApp on our main mobile phone, being able to write text or voice statuses or publish photos or videos recorded with the camera or that we already have on the mobile phone. Thus, our WhatsApp on a second mobile will be even more similar to our WhatsApp on the main mobile. lists on WhatsApp: what they are for and how to create, modify and delete them

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