Using the mobile while driving, these are all the cases in which you can lose points and be fined

los casos en los que pueder ser multado y sufrir perdidas de puntos mientras conduces.jpg
los casos en los que pueder ser multado y sufrir perdidas de puntos mientras conduces.jpg

The subject of the cases in which you can lose points and be fined when driving in Spain It is quite complicated, especially in recent times, since the new Traffic Law has come into force at the end of March.

This has generated a large number of questions from users, although above all It has raised a great wave of fake news (fake news) on different sites. Since this is not beneficial for absolutely anyone, today we will be talking about this topic in depth.

First of all, surely you already know that from March 21 of this year 2022, throughout the Spanish territory a new Traffic Law was imposed that punishes, now in a stronger tone, the use of mobile phones in the car while driving.

Now, under the provisions of the current regulations, we will comment on those cases in which surely the DGT will fine you and deduct pointsso without further ado, let’s go for it.

Use the mobile at the gas station

We begin in fact with one of the cases in which there is currently more confusion, and to clear up doubts about it, the reality is that the DGT for the moment does not apply any financial penalty or loss of points for users when using mobile phones at gas stations.

However, the General Traffic Regulations clearly explain that mobiles must be kept off before and during refueling. The data shows that a fine has never been issued for this reason, although it could only be given if the car is in circulation.

Use the mobile while waiting at a traffic light

This is where the fines and problems start to come in, as standing still while waiting for the traffic light to change It is not synonymous with being able to use the mobile and therefore this turns out to be punishable by law.

It is important to emphasize that, unlike being parked with the engine off so as not to hinder the movement of cars on the road, being stopped waiting for the traffic light to change means that the car engine remains on, in the middle of the road and able to move.

Therefore, a driver who is distracted on the mobile phone and who is not paying attention to the signals at the traffic light, will receive a fine of 200 euros and a loss of 6 points.

Use the mobile from a support

This is a rather controversial point and one that has been talked about on occasions. To go straight to the point, the fact of resting the mobile on a support is not punishable, however the thing takes a 360 ° turn when said device is used while drivingand that is where the fine appears.

For this specific event there are two different fines: in case of using the mobile from its respective support while the user is in circulation, the sanction has been 200 euros and a loss of 3 points. On the other hand, if the mobile and its support are in a position that obstructs your vision (windshield, for example), the fine is reduced to 100 euros and there is no loss of points.

Use or hold the mobile at the wheel

This act represents the most serious possible infraction, and that is that interacting or simply holding the mobile while behind the wheel, reveals a clear lack of concentration and awareness on the part of the pilotand therefore, endangers the lives of people around him.

Whether you’re using it or just holding your phone in your hand, even if it’s unloaded, the penalties are 200 euros and 6 loss points.

Having said all this, it should be quite clear that directly there is no situation in which you can use your mobile phone while drivingso the right thing to do is give the smartphone a break while driving and, failing that, use alternatives such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.