Use this trick to turn WhatsApp into the best notepad

vacation mode in whatsapp: get disconnected with these tricks
vacation mode in whatsapp: get disconnected with these tricks

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used messaging app in the world. But it is also that it has become the most widely used means of communication, not to mention the different uses that more and more people give to the popular app owned by Facebook. Perhaps one of the most interesting is the possibility of use WhatsApp as a notepad and this is how you can do it.

The main advantage is that we always have a direct access to whatsapp at hand and it doesn’t take long for us to look for that notes application that we never know where it is. Another advantage is that we don’t need to install anything, so we will save space in the internal memory of the mobile phone if we don’t have much space for apps. Also, the advantage is that it can be a shared notebook. It is enough to make groups with one person of the different things that you want to write down. For example, if you want to have a joint shopping list with your partner, you can write down what you need to buy in as many groups as you want without having to use complex shared note or task apps. It is easy to use, suitable for all levels. And you can delete and start over whenever you want, just delete the message.

This is very useful for sending ourselves the shopping list, signing reminders, tasks we don’t want to forget, etc. Therefore, the best way to use WhatsApp for this purpose is create a chat with ourselves so that we do not have to bother other people and that no one but us can have access to the information stored in it. Another of the most useful functions is that we can send us data to the computer through WhatsApp Web. It is enough to open the app on the computer and we can copy the text from the mobile to the PC, for example. Or even send us photographs that we will later have stored for a computer, a tablet, etc.

Create a group with yourself

One of the options to create a chat that we can use as a notepad in the messaging app is to create a group with another contact we trust and then remove that other person from that group. It is the best option we can have and the least messy. You can make as many groups as you want with that person, who can be your partner or your mother. So you can have a group for the shopping list, another to organize trips, another to save messages that you want to read at another time…

To do this, we must follow the steps shown below:

  • We open the app on our mobile
  • We touch on the button menu > New group
  • We select a contact trustworthy
  • We wrote the affair of the group, for example, Notepad and press Ok
  • We touch on the group bar (where the name is shown)
  • We scroll down until we find the member list
  • We touch on the other contact
  • We select the option Eliminate said contact
  • We will already have a group with ourselves to send us what we want

whatsapp notepad

Add your phone number

Although WhatsApp does not allow us to send a message to a contact with our same number in the same way that we do with any other contact in our calendar, there is a way to “trick” the messaging app. If you have a conversation with yourself you can add yourself as a phone number.

  • We open the WhatsApp app on our phone
  • We touch on the icon of the magnifying glass as if we were going to look for one of our contacts
  • Click on the icon send Message
  • Now the option will appear New contact and click on it
  • We create a contact with the name Notepad and our phone number
  • We close WhatsApp
  • we open the diary of the mobile
  • We look for the contact and click on the option send whatsapp message
  • A chat with ourselves will automatically open
  • You can now use WhatsApp as a notepad

Create a chat with yourself

In addition to the two options mentioned above, there is another way to create a chat with yourself to be able to use WhatsApp as a notepad and be able to send reminders, the shopping list, photos, videos, documents, links, etc. It is less recommended or it can be more complicated, but if the previous two do not convince you or you do not like them for some reason, the steps you should follow are the following:

  • We open the app on our phone
  • we go to chat of a contact trustworthy
  • We send the message: Where we will have to replace the X with our phone number
  • We touch on the link that generates in the chat of our contact
  • A chat with ourselves will automatically open and we can use it

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