UPS discovers its plan to improve its deliveries through ‘flying vans’

UPS discovers its plan to improve its deliveries through 'flying vans'
ups discovers its plan to improve its deliveries through 'flying

It is evident that in the coming years we are going to see an explosion of new ideas within the field of transport, both in the individual and in the professional, where Some technologies that seem to be taken from science fiction movies will be adopted. And one of them will have to do with delivery companies, which will find a way to be much faster and more efficient when it comes to getting our purchases home to us.

UPS Flight Forward.

And UPS, which is one of the most emblematic companies in this of distribution and parcel, has unveiled a few hours ago its plan to fill the skies with flying vans. In reality they are not, but they perfectly describe the spirit of what they are looking for. This has been confessed in an official publication where they advance that This type of service will begin to be operational from the year 2024.

An electrically powered eVTOL

The project managed by UPS is that of, through its subsidiary Flight Forward, buy this type of aircraft that are capable of taking off and landing vertically as part of their innovation strategy, with the aim of helping all the companies that work with them to achieve “sustainable solutions. “According to the director of information and engineering of UPS, Juan Pérez, “It’s about innovation with a focus on returns for our business, our customers and the environment.”

UPS Flight Forward.

For the company, “these new aircraft will create operational efficiencies in our business, open possibilities for new services and serve as the basis for future solutions to reduce the emissions profile of our air and ground operations.” This eVTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) that manages to acquire UPS from the BETA company, It is capable of moving smaller loads with the aim, at first, of taking them to the distribution centers faster than on the road. In total, these vehicles are capable of transporting a maximum of 635 kilos, which makes them perfect for distributing loads that arrive at nearby airports in the main cities where they operate.

Take-off and landing infrastructure.

The idea of ​​the company is purchase a first batch of ten aircraft by 2024 and then gradually increase the fleet to 150. In addition to these measures, the Americans are in a process of transforming their fleet of vehicles where they affirm that they already have 12,000 that use “alternative fuel”, but with the sights set on acquiring 10,000 fully electric in the coming years.