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Upgrade Your Amazon Fire Tablet: Download Apps Outside of the Amazon Store

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One of the problems encountered by those who buy a amazon fire tablet is that the store offered by Amazon does not have all the applications that are featured for the Android operating system. Well, there is a way to be able to install apps individually and without having to resort to the option offered by the well-known online store.

It is true that in the Amazon store there are up to 500,000 applications available, but some are not present. And this can be solved by taking advantage of the fact that the tablet of the North American firm uses an Android-based operating system (Fire OS). In this way, the installers for Google development, type apk, they can be executed directly without problems. This carries some risk, since you lose the security of using an official store, but sometimes it is worth taking the step.

How to activate the installation of external applications on Amazon tablets

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This is much simpler than you might think and, furthermore, the manufacturer includes the option directly among the configuration options. This means that you do not have to resort to a modification of the tablet, which always entails an additional danger. We show you what you have to do to be able to install any Android application that is in APK format (as long as the Android version used by the Fire supports the development in question):

  • Open the usual signature Settings on the tablet, for example, using the icon that has the image of a cogwheel.
  • Then, among all the options that you see on the screen, you must choose the one called Security and privacy, which is the one that allows you to manage everything that has to do with the protection and action settings of the Amazon Fire.
Front image of an Amazon tablet

  • Among the existing possibilities, there is one called Apps of unknown origin. Click on it and activate the one that makes it possible to do this from the device’s browser called Silk (you can do the same with other developments that allow you to install applications once you have them).
  • Now, simply when you download an APK, running it with a tap starts the installation.
  • You have finished.

Obviously, the permission granted can be revoked at any time, following the steps that we show on the screen, but disabling the slider. What we do recommend is that you always get the files from a reliable place, such as the APK Mirror page. In this way you will avoid many problems with the Amazon tablet we are talking about.


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