Update WhatsApp as soon as possible if you are suffering from this fateful error

the new whatsapp could let you choose the colors that appear in the application
the new whatsapp could let you choose the colors that appear in the application


WhatsApp is the messaging application par excellence, since it is the most used in the world to communicate with your family and friends. However, it is still a tool that contains some errors that can cause some headaches. Luckily, a new update has been introduced to solve a problem. status updates error that appeared a few days ago. If you are one of those affected, so you should correct it.



There is no doubt that some of us have ever used the States tab to upload a photo or video and show it to all our contacts. This is an option that other applications in the Meta group boast, such as Instagram or Facebook, and which was recently implemented in WhatsApp.

However, this function seems to be failing these last few days, because WhatsApp statuses could not be seen by other users because they gave them some type of error or they did not appear at all. Well, this imbalance is still valid for some users and now a new update to the beta version of the messaging application is being distributed in order to solve it.

Errors when sharing videos in the United States

A new error in updating statuses has come to light when it was detected that many users were not able to share videos through this option. This meant that neither the account owner nor his family and friends contacts could play the videos he had uploaded to his status. Following that, it seems that the previous update did not work and various complaints are still being reported because they have continued to suffer difficulties in their status updates.



However, the development teams have continued working hard until they found a patch that fixes the problem immediately, since avoiding this type of altercation by restarting the mobile device or uninstalling and reinstalling the application were not the most effective methods.

In fact, this bug was present in the update that was recently released and, therefore, the final solution has been the launch of the WhatsApp beta version immediately corrects all the problems described.


How to download the WhatsApp beta program

First of all, keep in mind that the beta versions of WhatsApp are unstable and may present some bugs, but it is an incentive for all those users who join this program of beta testers because they are the first to be able to test the new features that are being introduced in the messaging tool.

In order to join this community, simply go to the Play Store from Google and enters the name of the application, in this case WhatsApp. Then scroll down to find the link to become a professional programming interface tester. You can also enter through this link.

For its part, Manzana It has a different access process. First you will have to download the TestFlight beta program from the Apple Store and get accepted for a vacancy in the testing system, as long as you are lucky because it is usually full.