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Update now to Android Auto 8.2: all the news of the new stable version

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The time has come to hit the update button, a new stable version of Android Auto is available for everyone who uses the system in their car. After the Android Auto 8.2 beta, Google begins the final release process. With what this implies: surely we will soon see beta 8.3, often a rhythm of updates.

Connecting the mobile to the car is a common action for most drivers, since in this way the device is recharged while offering advanced functions for driving. Entertainment is one of the fundamental aspects of Android Auto, the system that takes advantage of the communion between smartphone and car. Navigation is also important: a good part of the GPS apps are compatible with Android Auto. With this increasing rate of apps, Google needs to make sure Android Auto works as it should. Based on updates.

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Do not wait for the new interface: Coolwalk does not arrive with Android Auto 8.2

Coolwalk Upright Android Auto

The new Coolwalk interface in vertical format. not available yet

We have tested on more than one occasion the renewed layer of Android Auto, internally called Coolwalk. Its change is notorious, both in design and in capabilities: apart from get more out of the double window, Coolwalk adapts perfectly to all types of consoles. Even to vertical screens, we have been able to verify it. Unfortunately, it is an option that does not jump after updating: neither with Android Auto 8.2 nor, surely, with any other update.

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The beta version was with us for a week and a half before Google got impatient and released the stable version. This has already reached the Google Play Store, although not uniformly: It is likely that a large part of the users still do not see it. Although there are repositories like APK Mirror for that: Android Auto 8.2 can be safely downloaded from there. The file is signed by Google and has not been modified.

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In a matter of news, and after making it clear that Coolwalk is still far from users, Google has taken the opportunity to make the typical stability, security and compatibility corrections. We have not seen cosmetic changes or added features compared to version 8.1 stable. We also found no news in the code.

Android Auto 8.2 adds a new notch in a list of updates that do not offer a clear evolution for the user. Even so, many problems have been corrected, that’s why it’s a good idea to keep your car and mobile as up-to-date as possible. And will wait to see when Google decides to activate Coolwalk.

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