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Update from Budibase: Free low-code tool for enterprise applications

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Budibase 2.0 expands the free low-code software with individual plug-ins, among other things. New and free video tutorials introduce app creation.

With the latest version 2.0, Budibase receives a comprehensive update. It is a low-code software that can be used to create applications without much programming knowledge. The most important new function is the extensions that can be created individually: Users can create the plug-ins themselves, for example to add their own data sources and application components. At the same time, Budibase introduces a directory for these extensions so that users can make them available to the community.

Furthermore, users can now be combined into groups. These should be structured around a common task – for example the marketing of a company. If a responsible person adds a user to a group, he or she automatically receives the group’s default rights. Furthermore, the developers have created a video series, these tutorials should make it easier for new users to get started with Budibase. You can now also find help and ask questions on the project’s official Discord channel.

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Budibase is free software under its own license. However, there are also a few feature restrictions when operating in your own data center. Alternatively, it can be obtained from the cloud, whereby the project differs on the one hand according to the range of functions – including the maximum number of low-code apps created or the automation processes – and the number of accesses per month. The latter are the actually required accesses by users to the Budibase cloud, each valid for one day.

More details on the new version 2.0 can be found in the release notes. The free code of the project can be obtained from GitHub. Budibase is aimed explicitly at companies that want to create internal applications with the software. If the low-code tools are not enough for regular users, the programs can also be extended by developers using JavaScript.

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