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Update Chrome for Android as soon as possible: a dangerous vulnerability has been detected

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One of the best options to browse from your mobile is to use chrome, Google’s browser and that you will find on all kinds of devices. But if you use the android version, you’d better update the app as soon as possible. The truth is that lately we do not stop receiving news about malware, phishing and other attacks. Today we have told you about the scam in which they use a message from the Tax Agency indicating that they will return your Income Tax Return. And now an issue has been discovered in Chrome that can let attackers take control of your phone. Mainly because, as Gizmochina colleagues have reported, a vulnerability classified as high severity has been detected and could cause you quite a few headaches. More than anything because this new vulnerability detected in Chrome can be used by a malicious app, be it malware or any Android virus, to take control of your phone. Google has already released the patch to fix this vulnerability To say that the Mountain View-based company has recognized this problem and has already released the corresponding update for Chrome for Android with which to correct this dangerous vulnerability. The risk is so high that Google has said that it will not speak publicly about this problem until the patch has reached the vast majority of users of the Android version of its popular web browser. Apparently, this new vulnerability detected in Chrome for Android has to do with Web RTC, a platform for sharing all kinds of files. It is widely used by developers to make voice and video apps, but a security flaw has been detected that can be used by attackers in order to control your phone. As we have indicated before, luckily Google has already released an update to Chrome for Android, corresponding to version 103.0.5060.71. So you just have to update the app to solve the problem. To do this, we recommend that you open the Google Play Store and type Chrome. Once the app icon appears, click on it and you will see the Update option appear. Click on this option and wait for the process to finish completely. And you better do it as soon as possible, because until then your phone will be vulnerable to possible attacks taking advantage of this vulnerability with which they can take control of your device. >

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