UpCloud opens a data center in Spain, its first in southern Europe

UpCloud opens a data center in Spain, its first in southern Europe
Upcloud Opens A Data Center In Spain, Its First In

UpCloud opens a data center in Spain, its first in southern Europe

The new data center of the UpCloud firm has been located in Madrid. It is the first that the company has in southern Europe and works entirely with the AMD EPYC processor architecture. The company says it aims to reach Spanish-speaking customers in Europe and America in its new strategy, which begins with these facilities in Spain.

This news is important if we take into account the insistence on the part of companies in this sector to in Spain measures are taken to attract companies to have data centers in our country.

Just a few days ago, several companies, competing with each other (Data4, DatacenterDynamics, Equinix, Global Switch, IMasons, Interxion, Quark and S4U), came together to demand from the government measures in terms of taxation, energy availability and space. His ideas were presented in the second week of October in the Congress of Deputies.

It is not that this meeting has already borne fruit and the first companies are beginning to arrive, but it is important to note that, according to the companies mentioned, it is positive for the Spanish economy that data centers are set in this country when it comes to opening new facilities, because of the investment that has the capacity to attract this market and because of the jobs that it can generate.

The new UpCloud facilities have been named ES-MAD1 and the company wanted to highlight in its presentation that “Madrid is the seventh city in Europe with the highest number of developers of software of the continent ”.

This is a European company, born in Finland, that offers cloud storage services and that, before its data center in the Spanish capital, it opened data centers in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), London (United Kingdom) and Singapore. It has three data centers in the United States: specifically in San José, New York and Chicago.

The importance of choosing an ideal location for a data center

There are several aspects that companies take into account when choosing where to locate a data center. According to DataCenter Dynamics, large operators pay great attention to the places where there are better fiscal conditions when choosing where to take their data centers. In Sweden, Denmark and Finland are tax exemptions attractive to these companies, as in certain regions of the United States, resulting in a large number of data centers.

The cold climate of northern Europe, which helps to prevent excessive heating of these computer equipment that works incessantly and your offer in renewable energies they make Scandinavia more attractive than Spain to attract datacenter companies.

As for Spain, in the petitions presented in Congress by various firms in the sector, there is a need for land to which a robust and uninterrupted electrical power reaches, since these facilities need about 500 MW of energy, according to the information provided by the aforementioned companies in the sector. And they ask that there be discounts by the administration in the payment of the electricity supply from the second year of activity.

They have also asked that there be a solid public transport network that allows worker access, bearing in mind that a data center cannot be in a city for reasons of space and infrastructure, but must be installed on the outskirts.