Unreal Engine 5.2 releases Electric Dreams demo for download

Unreal Engine 5.2 releases Electric Dreams demo for download
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Shown during GDC 2023, the Electric Dreams demo shown by Epic was a proof of the potential of Unreal Engine 5.2, showing a pickup truck in a dense forest, full of trees, built with Quixel Megascan, also showing the physics of the vehicle and the simulation of realistic fluids. Now, the project can be downloaded so that enthusiasts and developers get to know this material more deeply.

The project highlights the procedural content generation feature, or PCG, which can be used to create tools, define rules, and expose parameters to populate large scenes with Unreal Engine assets. The scalable framework promises to make world building more efficient, allowing the developer to customize and reuse content, create their own tools using extensibility features, among other advantages.

Unreal itself exemplifies: “construct a ground surface based on the contour shape of a neighboring landfill and adapt it to additional assets that overlap its surface; position a fallen tree according to its surroundings; trigger landslides when certain conditions are met; you can also apply debug visuals to any node and customize them as per your requirements.”

The procedural feature can also be used in combination with Quixel’s library of tools. The Electric Dreams project also lets users check out the new Substrate way of creating materials, which is especially useful for layered looks. Still in the experimentation phase, Epic does not recommend that all features be used in final products.

The company also highlighted Unreal Engine 5’s signature Lumen and Nanite features that received performance and quality optimizations in version 5.2, or Soundscape, a system for real-time procedurally generated sounds.

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