Unpacking will come to Android and iOS devices later this year

Unpacking will come to Android and iOS devices later this year
unpacking will come to android and ios devices later this.jpeg

After being released on PC and consoles in 2021, the Unpacking game is finally coming to Android and iOS devices. Developer Witch Beam Games revealed during the Wholesome Direct presentation that it plans to release the title on mobiles and tablets in late 2023.

The studio hasn’t revealed an exact release date, but fans are certainly looking forward to the game’s arrival.

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Unpacking is a relaxing game about the familiar experience of taking belongings out of moving boxes and packing them into a new home. Described as a mix between block puzzles and interior decoration, the game invites you to build a cozy home while discovering clues about life that are coming out of the boxes. Over the course of eight changes, you will experience an intimate experience with a character you never see and a story that is never told.

On PC, the game has many positive reviews and has become one of the most popular titles on the platform in 2021, as well as on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, which makes the title’s arrival on mobile devices widely celebrated.

Interestingly, the announcement comes after the release of Unpacking Master, an almost identical copy of Unpacking that was released on mobile phones and featured ads and in-app microtransactions. The title briefly topped the App Store charts early last year before being ousted by Apple. The incident highlighted the difficulty small studios have in preventing copycat developers from stealing their work.

So, what did you think of the ad, have you played Unpacking yet?

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