Unicode confirms the list of 37 new emojis by the end of the year

unicode emojis 14.0 2
unicode emojis 14.0 2

Unicode has confirmed on its official blog the arrival of version 14.0, this version introduces 838 new characters for dialects and languages ​​of countries such as: Bosnia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Java, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan and the Philippines among others languages ​​in Africa and North America.

Within all these additions that have accessibility and inclusivity as standard, 37 new emojis also arrive. These are all the pictograms confirmed for this year, they will reach most operating systems between the end of the year and 2022.

Sympathetic additions

The new “melting face” or “dotted line face” stands out, although there are several additions that everyone will like. It should also be noted that all the hand and gesture emojis have a version with different skin colors that increase the number of emojis, although technically it is the same emoji in different versions.

Unicode announced that all characters are available right now, although it must be remembered that the platforms that use them the most (Android and iOS) must support them first. So they are not ready to use immediately. Also, then each Android version of each brand will need to be updated for these additions.

So we wouldn’t expect to be able to use these new emojis before November. You can see the code and the complete list of new emojis on the Unicode website . And if you are curious, you can take a look at the history of emojis , a gift from the Japanese.