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Ukrainian Ministry of Defense: Russia is planning massive cyber attacks

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According to investigators from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Russia is planning massive cyber attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine and allies.


The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense warns of massive cyber attacks that Russia is allegedly planning on critical infrastructure in Ukraine and its allies. According to the findings of the Defense Ministry’s reconnaissance units, the attacks should initially concentrate on companies in the energy sector. According to the warning, the Kremlin attackers should draw on the experience gained from the cyber attacks on Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure in 2015 and 2016.

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At that time there were power outages, which were probably caused by the Troajner Black Energy. In its warning, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine goes on to say that the Russian attackers want to try to maximize the effect of missile attacks on power supply facilities, primarily in the contested eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. The leadership of the Russian occupying forces is convinced that this will significantly slow down the offensive of the Ukrainian defense forces.

According to the findings of military intelligence, the Kremlin also intends to increase the intensity of DDoS attacks on critical infrastructure of Ukraine’s closest allies. This applies in particular to Poland and the Baltic States.

In the war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia is not very squeamish. The Russian occupiers, for example, are prepared to damage nuclear power plants as well as critical infrastructure. Last week, Russian shelling damaged the power supply of unit 6 at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. The Kremlin is also asking a lot of its own population. The partial mobilization is likely to have significant consequences for Russian aviation, since many pilots have completed their training in the military or are otherwise reserve officers. Up to 80 percent of employees at Aeroflot, Pobeda and Rossiya airlines could be affected.

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