Ukraine fatigue and Iran protests: MEPs debate EU response in Brussels talk show


Euronews’ Brussels bureau brings you the third episode of a new talk show that aims to break down European news and politics to make it more accessible to viewers.

The third episode of the show featured panellists Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou, a Greek MEP from the European People’s Party; Manon Aubry, a French MEP and the co-chair of The Left group in the European Parliament; and Romanian MEP Dragos Tudorache, vice president of Renew Europe.

The new show was hosted by Euronews’ European affairs correspondent Méabh Mc Mahon.

Watch the video above to see our newest Euronews talk show Brussels, my love?

Ukraine fatigue

After G20 leaders met in Bali this week and most members condemned the ongoing war in Ukraine, we asked our panellists whether the liberation of Kherson could be the beginning of the end of the war and if people around Europe are still in full support of Ukrainians in need.

French MEP Manon Aubry said the challenge is that “we should not forget that the objective should be to get the end of that war and to get the end of that war, at some point we need diplomacy.”

Romanian MEP Dragos Tudorache said that the EU needs to be very steadfast to help Ukraine fight Russia.

“I do think that Ukraine can win this war on the battlefield, of course as I said earlier we need to help them in doing that. But we should not underestimate that Russia has important capabilities on the ground,” he added.

He said the attacks against infrastructure are unfortunately likely to continue.

“My voters still realise that they want to be on the right side of history,” said Greek MEP Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou.

“My voters still believe that this is a worthwhile sacrifice that we’re making,” she said, adding that it was up to politicians to deal with the consequences.

“Nobody should give into Putin’s blackmail,” Asimakopoulou added.

Protests continue in Iran

This week also marked two months since the passing of the young Iranian Mahsa Amini after her arrest for allegedly breaching Iran’s strict dress code for girls.

Her death saw protests erupt in Iran, with hundreds killed due to authorities’ violent crackdown.

Aubry said she wanted to highlight the courage of women coming to the streets.

“I think we can call it a revolution because they’ve been joined by men and now they’re really contesting the whole power. It’s not only an issue about what you can wear on the street as a woman, it’s a fight against a corrupted state,” she said.

Tudorache said, “the Iranian people need our support and most importantly, I think they need a sign of solidarity from us even if it’s a political sign of solidarity because there aren’t many means to help them on the ground.”

Greek MEP Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou told the panel that she thinks “Iran is an authoritarian Islamic state that exports terrorism and violence and is brutally oppressing its own people at the moment,” adding that it was too late for symbolic gestures, and more action was needed at EU level.

“And I think that you ask if these sanctions bite. Yeah, they’re a mosquito bite, though, and when you need a cobra bite.”

Watch the talk show in the video player above to listen to the rest of the discussion.

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