UK must remove cameras and other Chinese equipment from government buildings

UK must remove cameras and other Chinese equipment from government buildings
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The UK government must put into action a plan that aims to remove all cameras and other surveillance equipment from government buildings Chinese-made.

The measure is part of a broad set of actions that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak intends to carry out. In a recent speech, the parliamentarian went so far as to classify China as the “greatest challenge in the world for security and prosperity”.

The government statement stops short of mentioning Chinese camera brands that must be removed, but several lawmakers have already called for a ban on the sale and use of equipment produced by Hikvison and Dahua. This is because these companies are partially state-owned.

Image/reproduction: Reuters.

The British government further said in its official statement:

We will also commit to publishing a timetable for the removal of surveillance equipment produced by companies subject to China’s National Intelligence Law from sensitive central government websites.

By committing to this timeline, we are providing peace of mind and urgency around removal plans.

Sought to comment on the matter, Hikvision countered the arguments of the island government:

We believe that the UK government’s possible action is a further step in the growing geopolitical tensions that are being expressed through technology bans, which in no way relate to the safety of Hikvision products.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that the United Kingdom has already banned TikTok from government officials’ cell phones and, at the time, the Chinese government protested saying that it is opposed to this “extension of the concept of national security to suppress Chinese companies”.

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