Ubisoft releases concept art for Splinter Cell remake

Ubisoft releases concept art for Splinter Cell remake

Ubisoft released the first concept art of the remake of Splinter Cell. They were revealed in a video to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

It features four developers talking about the remake and some details, but also mentioning previous games and their influence.

In December of last year, Ubisoft confirmed that it was working on a remake of Splinter Cell, a stealth action game that was released in 2002 as an Xbox console exclusive.

The game is being rebuilt in the Snowdrop engine, the same as The Division and which is being used for the development of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, in addition to the new Star Wars. According to the company, it will bring next-gen visuals and gameplay, in addition to the dynamic lighting and shadows that the series is known for.

Previously, a job vacancy also revealed that the remake will have a rewritten story for the current generation of gamers, indicating that it will feature significant changes from previous titles.

In the video, creative director Chris Auty stressed that Splinter Cell Remake will not be a mere remaster, but a game completely produced from scratch, with all its content new and aimed at the next generation. Designer Zavian Porter agreed, stressing that the team aims to build a top-notch, highest-quality remake possible, something that would help the franchise stay relevant and win more games.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary, Ubisoft also announced that players can download the original Splinter Cell for free from the Ubisoft Store until November 30th.

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