Ubisoft may be developing a Blade game in partnership with Marvel

Ubisoft, responsible for established franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, may be working on a Marvel Blade superhero vampire game.

The information was brought by YouTuber JorRaptor, who noticed a suspicious post on Instagram from those involved with the production.

Actor Edwin Gaffney, who recently starred in Detroit: Become Human, posted a photo with Alex Martin on his Instagram with the following caption:

It’s always a pleasure to work on great projects, but what makes them even better is working with great people! Thank you for the talent and energy you bring to the set, Alex Martin, you are awesome!”

See this photo on Instagram

A post shared by E Gaffney (@thegaffneyman)

There are also hashtags #mocap, #performancecapture, #ubisoft and #ubisoftgames, suggesting that he and Martin did motion capture for a new Ubisoft game. However, the second photo shows Martin holding a clapperboard on which the word “Marvel” can be seen.

It also lists director B. Tariq, who could be referring to Bassam Tariq, who Marvel Studios has confirmed is working on the Blade movie slated for a November 2023 release.

Another curious element is that Gaffney holds a sword, the vampire hunter’s favorite weapon.

Although this does not confirm that there is a solo Blade game in the works, it is strong indications that Ubisoft may be working on a solo game of the hero or a Marvel title that will have the character.

In day September 9, Disney will present an event of the company’s and Marvel’s upcoming games at the D23 Expo. It will include content ads from Disney & Pixar Games, Marvel Games, Lucasfilm Games and 20th Century Games.

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Previously, it was revealed that EA is developing an open-world Black Panther game.