Uber announces new safety tools for teens, more news

Uber announces new safety tools for teens, more news
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At an event held this Wednesday (17) in New York, in the United States, Uber presented its new mobility and delivery products at its annual “Go Get” conference. On the occasion, the company highlighted the launch of solutions focused on families and on the safety and comfort of users of the app transport service.

According to the statement from Uber, among the novelties announced this month is the possibility of focusing on families and on the safety and comfort of users. This feature allows guardians to monitor the travels of their children aged between 13 and 17, thereby increasing safety through the implementation of improvements to the application:

  • Selected and experienced drivers: only experienced and highly rated partner drivers will be eligible to take trips with teenagers. For partner drivers, another novelty: they will have the possibility to opt out of receiving this type of trip.
  • Security features: we designed the accounts for teens with built-in security features including U-Code, U-Help and Audio Recording. Additionally, real-time trip tracking allows parents to track the progress of the trip so they know exactly where their teen is going and who is behind the wheel.
  • Support always available: Parents will be able to contact the driver directly during a trip, contact Uber’s support team, or report an issue on their teen’s behalf.

Uber has also partnered with Nuna, a top-tier car seat company, to offer safe travel with baby boosters and car seats for children. This benefit initially arrives in New York City and should be expanded to more locations in the coming months, according to the company.

In parallel to this, Uber also announced a telephone channel in the US (1-833-873-8237) so that users can request trips even without the app on their cell phone. These news arrive in the United States and Canada from May 22. The forecast is that these improvements will also be made available in Europe, but there is still no date for this to happen.

Uber announces new safety tools for teens and more news.

In the business segment, the company reinforces Uber Central, which is perfect for those who need to manage the mobility of several people at the same time. With the tool, concierges and hospitality agents can organize trips for their guests in a simple and fast way.

Once a trip is requested, the Uber Central operator is notified and will be able to follow its progress. With Uber Central, businesses around the world — from hotels to car dealerships and beyond — can deliver a premium experience for their customers.

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