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Two things about the Gmail search engine that you should know

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Gmail is one of the most popular email systems in the world, which is why it is important to fully understand how it works and the resources it can offer us.

In this short article I will comment on two things that many people are unaware of, one related to the filters that we can do in the search field, and another with the results it offers.

Use filters in the Search field

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Searching for emails within the gigabytes and gigabytes that we have stored in our account is not an easy task.

Many times we have to resort to the older_than, size and other filters that we already discussed a few years ago in “How to save space in Gmail”, but even so, we do not always obtain what we want easily.

These filters, which I encourage you to find out about in the previous link, can help us eliminate heavy emails from more than five years ago, thus freeing up a necessary space, or limit searches between two dates to improve targeting.

The same search may return different results

Google has been working on a more effective search system, one that analyzes the searches we’ve done before, so that the results are repeated if we were successful the first time.

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This year it already made some changes by adding contacts and other personalized suggestions in the results, based on the type of emails we write to certain people. Now Google informs that they will also take into account our previous search activity.

They want searches to be more relevant and contextual, so it is possible that the results for the same word will be different depending on our activity during the day.

It’s important to note that both Gmail’s search suggestions and search results change quite frequently thanks to machine learning, but over the next couple of weeks we’ll see a more radical change thanks to the implementation of this new system.

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All the changes that are made will be in searches made when we have an Internet connection, since it is important to remember that we are talking about a product that is 100% in the cloud. To have local email, it is better to bet on thunderbird type clients and their new K-9

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