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Two differences in design of iPhone 12 sold in the US and in Europe

Grabado Ce En Iphone 12.jpg
Grabado Ce En Iphone 12.jpg

The first units of the new iPhone 12 arrived a few days ago in the media like ours, and the first analyzes have begun to appear on the Internet. This has allowed us to discover a couple of differences between the design of the iPhone 12 series in the US and in Europe. The first of these came to light ten days ago as it was visible even on Apple’s regional web pages. To put ourselves in context, the iPhone 12 variants for the US have mmWave-type 5g connectivity, much more widespread in that country than in the European continent – in Spain, that frequency band is not used at the moment. This means that the models sold in the US have a small window on one side to accommodate the additional antennas that are required, and this element is not present in the models sold in Europe.

The side “window” is an antenna for mmWave-type 5G connectivity (Source PCMag) The second difference has come to the fore more recently and has to do with the fact that in the US, all necessary iPhone certifications are stored digitally on the phone memory, allowing the device to look cleaner. However, the EU requires smartphones to clearly bear the CE mark, along with an indication that the device cannot be recycled. Typically, Apple and other smartphone makers affix these logos to the bottom of the glass back panel. However, Apple has decided to change the location of the two logos on iPhones this year. As you can see from the image, these logos are now on the side of the iPhone 12, and appear to have been laser etched. In practice, however, it is hardly visible, and if you hadn’t read this article, it could have been weeks or months before you realized it.