Two days until the DTT blackout. So you can tune and sort the channels on your TV with Android TV

two days until the dtt blackout so you can tune.webp.webp.webp
two days until the dtt blackout so you can tune.webp.webp.webp

Just this week there is going to be a whole readjustment in DTT, next February 14th is not only Valentine’s Day: SD channels blackout will make that All broadcasts are with a minimum of 720p resolution. And this implies a reordering of channels: you will have to retune your Android TV. Don’t you remember how to do it? That’s what we are here for.

In itself it is not a drama because it is most likely that your TV or DTT tuner It was already compatible with HD broadcasts, but it will be a bit of a headache: you must tune in again to the radio and television channels that broadcast free-to-air. This is because 5G takes over part of the radio spectrum used by DTT; Therefore, these “orphan” emissions must be accommodated on other frequencies. On the rebound, all the channels that broadcast in SD disappear.

Retuning the TV is a process that takes no more than ten minutes.

Retune Android TV ChannelsRetuning channels on Android TV. Image from Xataka Smart Home

If you are still watching television through the digital terrestrial antenna, and you maintain an order in your channel grid (1 at number one, 2 at number two and so on), After retuning the TV, part of said arrangement will move. Furthermore, and as long as you had memorized the channels that were still broadcasting in low resolution, some channels disappear as of February 14; so you will have gaps in your TV that you will have to cover.

You must carry out the retuning process once the blackout of the SD channels has occurred, next February 14. Part of the frequencies where the networks broadcast will have changed. And that will be when you will have to do the following process on your Android TV:

  • Access your Android TV settings.
  • Go to “Channels and inputs” and select “Channels”. The exact text of the menus may vary depending on the television.
Retune Android TV ChannelsImage from Xataka Smart Home

  • Go to “Channel Settings”.
  • Click on “Automatic tuning”.
  • Select the “Digital Terrestrial” input jack.
  • Click on the “Update channel list” option to maintain as much as possible the ordering you already have of the channels.
  • Your Android TV will perform a search to locate the new channels and update the ones you already have memorized. Once the search is complete, save the results.
  • Go back to the “Channels” menu and press “Edit channel list”.
Retune Android TV ChannelsImage from Xataka Smart Home

  • Check if there have been any changes to your favorite channels and, if the list has changed, move the channels one by one to the desired position.
  • Save the work and you have the retune done.

This process You will only have to do it once the shutdown of the SD channels has come into effect on February 14. From time to time it is also advisable to do a new update search, you may have a new channel within reach of your Android TV. And always without the majority chains going to move: in principle there should be no news until the tests in UHD 4K begin. At the moment only 1 broadcasts in this resolution.

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