Twitter’s new calling feature is activated by default and also reveals your IP address. So you can disable it in X

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twitters new calling feature is activated by default and also.webp.webp.webp

For a few weeks we have known that X’s calls and video calls have gone from being a premium feature to roll out to the whole world. However, now that it seems that they have reached the majority of mobile devices, we have discovered two more things: the first is that they are activated by default, but they also reveal the IP address of the device.

If you have X installed on your phone, it is highly likely that this functionality is already operational and activated, so it is worth taking a look at the settings to choose what suits you best. Whether you’re interested in Twitter calls and video calls or not, unless you don’t change a specific setting in your settings, show the IP address to the contact during the call.

Calls and video calls, yes. Show IP, too

First they came to those who had a premium X subscription with iOS, then to those who tThey had the subscription and an Android phone. And about 10 days ago the global rollout began, that is, if you use what was previously known as Twitter without paying, you would also not only to receive calls and video calls, but also to be able to make them.

This call and video calling function is integrated into direct messages and the dynamics of use are similar to other platforms with the same function, such as Instagram or WhatsApp. The fact that it is activated by default means that unless you put your hand into the configuration, the least expected day you can receive a call. And that constitutes a dangerous gateway to spam.

But if you go to the relevant section of the settings, two things stand out: that the ‘Enable audio and video calls’ option is activated and that ‘Enhanced call privacy’ is deactivated. What does that second option do? Basically hide your IP address from whoever calls you. In short: that If you don’t do anything, not only can anyone call you, but they can see your IP.

To activate or deactivate the calling option, choose who can call you and of course, activate ‘Enhanced call privacy’ you need to go to the phone, regardless of whether it is iOS or Android (this option is not shown on X for desktop), go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Privacy and security’ > ‘Direct messages’ and that is where you can enable calls or not and in case you decide to have it activated, We strongly recommend activating the ‘Enhanced call privacy’ option.

What you see on these lines is the default configuration on iOS and Android respectively:

iOS Android

iOS interface vs Android interface

What is the IP address and why is it important to keep it safe? It is a kind of “license plate” that identifies devices when they are connected to the Internet, so that they are unique and mandatory, since we cannot navigate without them. There are two IPs, one private within the home network and one public, provided by your ISP. The latter is the one that can be known from X and allows, among other things, to know your location. For this reason, for privacy reasons it is important to keep this ‘Enhanced Call Privacy’ enabled.

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