Twitter, you work on iOS: writing and replying to a tweet will be even more fun


Who knows if one day the social platforms will be indistinguishable from each other. This seems to be the direction they are going, mutually copying the functions that users like most and therefore paradoxically self-reducing those elements of differentiation that make them – in fact – different from what the competition offers.

After all, it is normal: if you like some feature or tool, why not do it yourself, perhaps customizing it a bit? This is the case of Twitter, which recently passed into the hands of Parag Agrawal and that borrows from TikTok the possibility of reply to a post with a video, in turn picked up by Instagram on Reels. Is called “quote tweet with reaction“, or “share tweet with reaction“, and allows you to make the reply to a tweet less flat and more personalized.

In practice, users will be able to comment on a tweet with a photo or video by inserting a copy of the tweet you are replying to. The following image clearly explains what can be done:

We are still in the stage of experimentation, and for now only on iOS. If the test is successfully concluded, it is certain that Twitter will decide to extend its use to the Android counterpart as well. On the trial version now the options go from two to three: to the classic “retweet” and “share tweet”, “share tweet with reaction” is added. By choosing this third option, a page will be displayed where the user can choose a photo or video already saved on the roll of their smartphone, or take / record a new one. Twitter will complete the work, incorporating the original tweet into the image.

At this point a doubt arises concerning the safety: how will Twitter identify any responses contrary to the social platform’s policies? Because it is one thing to use algorithms and artificial intelligence to moderate written answers, another is to constantly monitor the contents of a photo or video. This is Viviana Wiewall’s response to The Verge:

The safety of people on Twitter is our top priority and while we do not anticipate that this can be used in a dangerous way, we will closely monitor the use of the product and ensure that any abuse is judged against the rules of Twitter.


There is another small novelty that, however, will please all those who rely on the social network of chirps every day: soon it will be possible write a new tweet directly from the home screen via an unprecedented bar positioned just above the navigation menu. Again the function is being tested, and only on iOS devices.

Credits opening image: Pixabay