Twitter (X) will introduce a video calling feature


Linda Iaccarino, CEO of X (formerly Twitter) , confirmed that the platform will be adding a video calling feature soon.

In an interview with CNBC, Linda Iaccarino stated:

In the near future, you will be able to make video calls without disclosing your phone number to other users of the platform.

The X renaming process was supported by the idea that it is a global platform where people can interact in real time.


I want to draw attention to the term “real time” because that’s what makes X so alive and interactive.

Caccarino also expressed her opinion about adding the possibility of payments on the platform. “A lot of people were talking about the payment system,” she said.

Payments between users and between users and content creators. Therefore, there were many changes in the process of renaming – this is a real liberation from the past concept of Twitter. This release has given us the opportunity to revisit old approaches and introduce a new way to interact, have fun, and close deals on a single platform.

It sounds ambitious, but whether this will be successfully implemented without causing a negative reaction from users remains a question.