Twitter works to bring end-to-end encryption to private messages


Encrypted private messages on Twitter are coming back: the well-known hacker Jane Manchun Wong discovered traces of it by rummaging in the code of the app for Android devices, and Elon Musk himself responded with a rather revealing winking smiley. Of course, it is not known at the moment how long it will take for distribution, but given the high interest expressed in the past by Musk regarding secure communication, we can assume that the wait will not be too long.

Let’s talk about return because Twitter had already tried, in the past, to implement end-to-end encryption for private messages: it was announced in 2018 under the name “Secret Conversations”, but was never actually distributed. As we know, apps like WhatsApp and Signal use end-to-end encryption by default: it brings several obvious advantages from a security point of view, but also some disadvantages especially in relation to accessing the same account from multiple devices (WhatsApp found a solution very recently – it’s the reason why now you can use the desktop client even if your smartphone is not connected to the internet).

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports developments in relations between Musk and his employees: apparently the new owner of the social platform has requested, via email, all those who remained to formally sign an agreement to adhere to new working conditions defined as “hardcore”: in essence, overtime will be required, a more intense production pace, and only those who achieve excellent results will not be fired. Employees have until tomorrow to decide whether to sign or not; those who do not do so will receive a severance pay, the amount of which however has not been specified.

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