Twitter will pay verified creators for ads shown in their responses

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Twitter, which despite its rocky past over the past year is looking to remain one of the top social media platforms, has announced a new strategy to compensate creators for ads that appear in their responses.

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, revealed that an initial payment block of around $5 million dollars is estimated for this purpose. However, he emphasized that only verified users will receive ads and be able to earn money from them.

Get paid for ads shown between replies to a tweet, the new thing that Twitter will offer to verified creators

Since Musk’s acquisition of Twitter last October, the platform has faced challenges retaining advertisers. This is due to concerns about ad placement following major employee layoffs. Musk is clearly taking steps to address these issues and reinvigorate Twitter’s advertising business.

It anticipated by Musk In his Twitter account he does not present further details at the moment, beyond noting that this compensation system will be implemented in the coming weeks in “X/Twitter”, referring to the company’s new corporate identity.

The recent appointment of Linda Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter may have directly influenced the revenue-generating model now being implemented. Yaccarino’s experience in advertising could be a significant asset to Twitter as it seeks to attract more advertisers and improve the effectiveness of its ad campaigns.

In an earlier statement, Musk revealed that Twitter currently earns around 5 or 6 cents per hour of attention from a user. However, he intends to increase this amount to 15 cents or more by implementing more relevant and timely ads. This suggests that Twitter is looking to improve the quality of advertising on its platform, providing users with ads that are more interesting and relevant to them.

Advertising is a key source of direct revenue for Twitter, so it’s understandable that Musk is focusing his efforts on revitalizing this area of ​​the company. Although the platform has experienced a decline in ad revenue since Musk took over, these new measures are expected to fuel positive ad revenue growth.

By compensating verified creators, Twitter seeks to encourage the production of quality content and promote interaction among users. By offering an opportunity for creators to generate revenue through ads in their responses, the platform hopes to encourage more engagement and foster a more active community, which may start to view verifying their accounts more as an investment than an investment. mere expense.

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