Twitter will limit the number of edits per message and yes, they are more than enough

The long-awaited function that allows you to edit messages on Twitter is a reality. Not for everyone yet, but quite a few have already tried this option, so it’s not uncommon to see a post that has been changed because the creator found things they didn’t like. Well, there was a fact that is not known regarding the possibility we are talking about: the number of times it could be edited. This information is important, since it may be that in the message in question a mistake is made several times (or that the data that is published is not clear at first, such as the price of a phone that has just been launched or the price of concert tickets). Therefore, there are not a few who expected Twitter to allow modifications more than once… And, luckily, this will be the case. How many times will Twitter allow editing a message? Well, as it has become known, the idea that the company initially has is to be quite flexible with users. We say this because there may be up to five times that a message can be edited, both in terms of the text and the associated multimedia content. Of course, the restriction that will exist, it seems, of the time in which this will be allowed should not be forgotten: 30 minutes. Therefore, it will be more important to be fast than accurate, by the looks of it. In addition, it is also important to know that a history of the modifications will be kept, so for those who wish to delete something that is out of place or offensive (yes, we mean trolls), this new option will not make them leave to know what you do. In addition, in the messages you can always see if it has been modified, so that everyone knows that there are changes and, if you wish, you can review everything more carefully. Arrival of the edition of the messages Well, it is not something that is expected to be imminent. To begin with, the first ones who will be able to enjoy this are users who have the Twitter Blue service (which greatly restricts locations, since it does not exist in Spain, for example). Therefore, everything indicates that for practically all users of the social network to be able to make changes to the messages, we will have to wait until 2023. But, the important thing is that the intention and the starting step have already been given. . >