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Twitter will charge $11 for Twitter Blue on iPhone

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Twitter this time returns with an interesting novelty that may or may not upset many users, this time charging $11 a month to have the Twitter Blue subscription on your iPhone. This once again highlights the difference of 30 percent that the Cupertino company imposes on in-app purchases, as reported by the media The Information. However, on the official Twitter Blue site it costs $7 per month.

Twitter Blue has a higher cost due to the Apple tax

Now, after Twitter Blue went on hiatus, the app cost $7.99 for a subscription. However, this price will not be defined even after the relaunch. According to data from The Information, some workers have privileged information according to new prices that the new CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk has imposed. This new boss in turn has become relatively viral due to hasty and controversial decisions for the internet community, but this could be a good thing for the platform, as it could be subject to modifications.

The high price tag that the iPhone maintains may take for granted an estimated budget for Twitter to give Apple 30 percent of revenue from in-app purchases. This, clearly without diminishing the important benefits of Twitter. Now, the biggest difference is the price of the app, so users will have a clearer way to go to the website. This will make Twitter not support Apple login for the app.

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Meanwhile, other services like Spotify, for example, are actually more expensive on iPhone than on the website. However, there are multiple users who do not know the specific reason why these price changes happen. Faced with these various situations, Apple has no problem with these companies increasing the charge for the apps on their website.

Discussions between Twitter and Apple

These price changes for Blue keep alive the friction between Twitter and Apple. Over the past week, Elon Musk has sent out strong statements about the fees imposed by the Apple App Store, mentioning the threat that Twitter could be removed from the App Store. Although he backed down shortly after a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Both Musk and Cook already had a meeting at Apple Park. Then the CEO of Twitter mentioned that there was a “good conversation” and that there was only a “misunderstanding” over Twitter’s withdrawal from the App Store.

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Soon, in two days on Friday, Twitter Blue will be out again. Now including Twitter Blue subscriptions that were paused after Musk’s addition of verification. This allows multiple companies, celebrities and others to impersonate anyone at just $8 away. Twitter Blue will not be included until November 11.

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