Twitter wants to limit spam in direct messages with these new measures

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Unlimited direct messages could be the next feature that Twitter Blue subscribers will enjoy.

Yes, Twitter plans to put limits on the daily DMs you can send on the platform. While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, there are already hints of this next update.

Unlimited DMs for Twitter Blue subscribers

Many of the features that we would like to enjoy on Twitter are part of the Twitter Blue subscription. For example, editing messages. And soon, this list may increase, since as he mentions Alessandro Paluzziunlimited direct messages could be exclusive to subscribers.

So if you are one of those who send direct messages all the time to your contacts, or use Twitter as a kind of customer service, you may soon be in trouble.

Twitter currently has a limit on the number of DMs you can send per day. However, it may be a long way from the direct messages you can send in a day, since the limit is 500.

However, this limit may be lowered. As shown in the screenshots Paluzzi shows, Twitter will display a notice when you reach your current DM limit, and if you want to send your draft you’ll need to upgrade to Blue’s subscription.

More measures to combat spam in Twitter DMs

This measure seems to be part of a Twitter strategy to combat spam in direct messages, as responded Elon Musk:

As I’ve said many times, it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish between AI bots. Soon, it will be impossible. The only “social networks” that will survive will be those that require verification. The payment system is a means of verification that increases the cost of the bot by ~10,000X.

And it is not the only measure that will be implemented on Twitter to eradicate spam and bots. Other changes that are planned to be applied shortly in relation to direct messages is that only verified users will be able to send them to people who do not follow them, as well as add users who are not their followers, among other measures.

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