Twitter wants to highlight accounts with verified phone numbers

Twitter is looking for a new way to give credibility to user accounts.

Beyond the blue badge of verified accounts, Twitter wants profiles to show more data that proves they are trustworthy. And for this, it is testing a new label in the profiles.

Twitter tests a new label in profiles

As mentioned in The Verge, Twitter is testing a new label in profiles, which highlights whether an account has been verified by a phone number. We can see what this new dynamic is about in the screenshot you share Jane Manchun Wong on his Twitter account.

Along with the bio description, link, and any data the user adds, Twitter displays a new label with a shield icon and a “Verified Phone Number” style message.

Let’s remember that among the requirements that Twitter requests from those who want to verify their account is to have an email address or a phone number that have been confirmed. But for all other accounts linking a phone number is optional.

So this new label could be a strategy to encourage users to carry out this action so that their profile shows that they have a verified phone number, and gives the account an extra authenticity.

At the moment, this verification tag seems to be part of an internal test, so there is no certainty about its future on the platform. Let’s remember that Twitter performs many tests simultaneously to enhance different aspects of the platform and improve the user experience.

However, this dynamic does not ensure that they will be officially implemented for all users. Many of the experimental features fall by the wayside or become part of new tests.