Twitter: User circumvents defenses and manages to post an entire movie on the platform

Twitter: User circumvents defenses and manages to post an entire movie on the platform

Since Elon Musk took control of Twitter, the platform remains among the most talked about subjects due to the questionable changes that the entrepreneur has implemented.

In recent days, multiple reports from employees reported that the social network could be disabled at any time, as a large part of the development team was prevented from accessing the company’s facilities. While that didn’t happen, it looks like some part of the platform’s code was broken, allowing users to do things they wouldn’t normally be allowed to do.

According to a report by Forbes, Twitter’s copyright system appears to be down, as a user went viral on the platform by uploading and posting The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift in two-minute clips throughout a thread. of 50 tweets.

The thread seems to have disappeared this morning, but there are still some unusual issues. First, Forbes notes that the media – in this case, the music videos – were never actually erased. When the takedown system was working, users could still see the tweet, but the media was replaced with a message that read “the media cannot be displayed”. Forbes notes that the account in question this time appears to have been manually suspended, but it was also still appearing on mobile — in full form with the videos playing.

Other users found threads containing other movies, including the 1995 movie Hackers, all uploaded in 2-minute clips. As some have noted, this could be a big problem for Twitter, amidst other issues the site has been facing following the Elon Musk acquisition. In this case, Twitter could be hit with multiple DMCA claims and legal issues if copyright strikes are not addressed quickly.

It is worth remembering that copyright policies on social networks have always been extremely strict, instantly punishing users who break the rules in order to exempt themselves from possible lawsuits from producers, artists and the like. Is this a mistake or just one of the changes that Musk intends to implement on the platform?

What do you think of Elon Musk’s Twitter diligence?

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