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Twitter updates two key elements of its application: the ‘timeline’ and the responses

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Twitter seems to have found a way to make its application profitable, looking for new ways to make money (with super-followers, for example), but also going a little further in its advertising model, which is increasingly present in different spaces. in which they can be located. If you use Jack Dorsey’s social network, surely you have already gotten used to the fact that your timeline is a small minefield where a sponsored message appears every few meters. Now, if there is a space in which we still did not have evidence of the intrusion of these advertisements, it was the threads of responses to a tweet, which today remain virgins like the Amazon a few centuries ago. Although for a short time. The tranquility in the responses is over. So, Twitter has also decided to colonize that last redoubt of advertising tranquility and, for a few hours, has begun to place advertisements in the responses to some messages. Especially those that are more popular and that count their interactions by tens, hundreds or thousands. Only then could we understand that every few responses a promoted ad appears. According to Bruce Falck, Revenue Product Lead on Twitter, “As of today [por ayer miércoles a última hora], we are trying something different […] a new ad format in Tweet conversations. If you are part of this test (which is global; only on iOS and Android), you will see ads after the first, third or eighth reply in a Tweet. “That is, these are already predefined spaces where these ads will always be located In the same order Two timelines from now On a different order of things and only focused on the iOS field, Twitter has taken the opportunity to announce that they are going to introduce a kind of second timeline within the application, which will help us to choose how We want to know the latest interactions of the profiles we follow, either through a feed cooked by the social network, or another in which the messages are arranged in a strict chronological order. Without a doubt, if you are one of those who prefer to see the things in the order in which they were published, you are going to win with this second timeline. A way of consulting Twitter that, for some time, was in force until the algorithms and the selection of c ontentions based on criteria that were not, precisely, chronological ones. >

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