Twitter updates the #BuscaAyuda service in Spain

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Twitter has an alert system that offers help to users who carry out searches related to mental health issues and find themselves in a vulnerable situation.

Twitter’s #BuscaAyuda service is activated when a user performs a suicide-related search

The #BuscaAyuda service is activated when the Twitter user uses the social network’s search engine to search for a term related to suicide or self-harm. When this happens – similar to what happens when doing it in Google – the company shows a pinned tweet in the search results, which appears in the first position and above all other results, encouraging you to seek help.

Twitter has updated the alert service #BuscaAyuda in Spain so that from now on, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the contact details of Line 024, the telephone service for suicidal behavior managed by the government agency, are shown.

This hotline offers help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From now on, your contact phone number will be provided in the pinned tweet that will be displayed on Twitter to people with suicidal thoughts, ideas or risk of behavior.

The telephone also attends to people who have relatives and close friends in this delicate situation. Its implementation is national in scope and it is a free, confidential and inclusive telephone number.

On the other hand, Twitter has enabled a specific form so that users of the social network can report people who have suicidal thoughts or who express the possibility of self-harm.

The social network has a team of experts that reviews the alerts and, if deemed necessary, contacts the person threatening to commit suicide or self-harm to let them know that someone who cares about them has raised the alarm.

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