Twitter Surprises with its New Function of ‘Emergency Measure’: Discover the secret tweets

twitter candado seguridad.jpg
twitter candado seguridad.jpg

It seems that this week, Twitter already has some tests of new ways to protect your account, as well as change some common ways that the company had to do certain things. However, it only appears to be an emergency measure at the moment.

Apparently Twitter is starting to have interesting precautionary measures, starting with having public tweets that serve as personal blog posts that you share on the internet and that don’t really look like Facebook posts. You do not have to be previously registered in the social network to be able to view the entries that someone else publishes.

Twitter takes emergency action

Apparently the change came today after Twitter will start with the function of redirecting the user when entering tweet links to the account creation page in case you do not have open logins or directly an account. The company’s intentions are clear, since increasing new accounts for the platform. In case you already have an account logged in on the social network, the links to the tweets will continue to redirect as usual, unless they don’t, although you already know why.

Sooner or later, Twitter had to get to this point of somehow blocking iMessage and Slack previews. In this way these changes are also added to the other changes such as the removal of third-party Twitter clients and now also the removal of being able to tweet stories automatically.

So after this possibility of more problems with the platform. However, Elon Musk is apparently only taking certain emergency measures against data pirates or at least that is how the company proposes.

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Meanwhile, the blue platform is driving certain measures and changes which in a way Apple helped start. Twitter on iPhone now also has new options and possibilities to view videos even outside of the application itself thanks to the image-in-image or PiP mode. Now Apple has come up with good measures, taking advantage of the long-form video functions that the social network includes and to prove it, Apple TV+ makes an entire episode public to watch for free. Remember that now you only have to log in.