Twitter subscriptions: what they are and how they work

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Twitter Subscriptions is the name with which the blue bird social network has decided to rename its Twitter Super Follows function. This is an option that followers have to access the exclusive content offered by their favorite Twitter users.

Support your favorite content creators and get advantages and benefits that other users cannot access.

From another point of view, Twitter subscriptions are one of the great steps that the platform has taken in its goal of encouraging content creators to continue producing. In fact, as it is a paid service, the feature is an excellent alternative for influencers to earn money directly by pleasing their audience, much like Patreon.

Accessing this service is relatively easy, both for creators and the public. Among the requirements that the tweeter must meet is having a subscription to Twitter Blue or having been active on the platform for the last 30 days. Next, we explain in more detail what this initiative is about.

How Twitter subscriptions work

To subscribe to the services of a Twitter influencer or for a content creator to offer subscriptions to their followers, it only takes a couple of clicks. First, the influencer must establish a subscription fee, for which they will have three options: $3, $5 and $10. The amount will be charged automatically every month and the user can cancel the subscription whenever they want.

Among the benefits followers get by subscribing are access to exclusive tweets, personalized notifications, a subscribed user badge, and a special tweets tab for subscribers. The latter will allow you to have all the special content ordered in one place and will facilitate the search process.

Likewise, thanks to this subscription system, content creators have the option of exporting the emails of those subscribers who allow it. In this way, the influencer can expand their audience away from the platform.

Requirements to enable subscriptions

As we indicated at the beginning, in order to offer subscription services, a content creator needs to have an account with Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations. Likewise, it is also necessary to comply with the following:

– Be of legal age (18 years or older).

– Have at least 500 followers.

– Record activity on Twitter during the last 30 days.

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