Twitter stops the launch of its Stories to fix errors

Twitter officially launched the “Fleets”, the function to create Stories in the social network, last Tuesday, although it already announced that the implementation for all users, globally, would arrive progressively throughout the week.

Twitter has stopped the deployment of “Fleets” for finding some performance and stability problems

Many users received the update yesterday, but others are still waiting to have the “Fleets” available in their Twitter app. However, those who do not have it yet will see how it takes a few more days to arrive.

As reported by Twitter from the “Support” account on the social network, it has decided slow down the implementation of the “fleets” around the world to fix a number of performance and stability issues that functionality was presenting.

Thus, and to ensure the best experience for all users, Twitter indicates that those who do not have the tool it will take a few more days to receive it and request your patience.

It is not known what those errors that Twitter refers to are, which appear now after the official launch despite the fact that the function had been tested for eight months with users in Brazil before being implemented worldwide. It was also available in countries like India or South Korea since this summer.

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Twitter Stories

After the global launch this week, some users filed the first complaints regarding the operation of Stories. Some pointed out that they do not respect the privacy settings of the accounts or the blocking of other users. Others claimed that when they tried to use the “Fleets” the performance of Twitter suffered considerably, to the point that the application would crash and be closed or restarted.

It is unknown if those are some of the errors that Twitter refers to and for which it will delay the arrival of the “Fleets” to more users. Be that as it may, if you still don’t have the Stories on this social network, rest assured that it will take a few more days for them to appear. Patience.