Twitter starts to limit the number of posts that users can read per day

Twitter: Elon Musk announces encryption and voice and video calls for DMs
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the billionaire Elon Muskwho owns the twitter, announced this Saturday a radical change in the way the social network is used. From now on, all platform users will have a limited number of publications they can view per day.

The measure seems to have come into effect this Saturday, given that numerous users reported today problems loading new posts. It was after these complaints that the businessman explained what was happening on the social network.

According to Musk, the measure that limits the amount of publications seen by Twitter users is a way to “deal with extreme levels of data extraction and manipulation of the system”. Elon also said that this is a “temporary emergency measure”.

See below how many publications Twitter users will be able to see per day:

  • verified accounts: limit of 6 thousand publications per day;
  • unverified accounts: 600 posts per day;
  • New unverified accounts: 300 per day.

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